Grand Champions Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Bay Shore, NY

Address: 24 Bay Shore Rd. Bay shore, NY 11706
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Sensei Mostafa Elrakabawy from Grand Champions Karate in Bay Shore, NY

More Info:

Grand Champions International Karate opened its doors on February 8, 2004 and has quickly become one of the top karate schools on Long Island. The instructors at GCI Karate have been teaching karate for over 25 years and have studied karate for over 32 years. GCI Karate instructors are National, International and World Champions.

The instructors at GCI Karate are dedicated, caring and willing to teach their students all the secrets to help them become expert martial artist. Grand Champions International Karate specializes in teaching Shotokan Karate, which is a traditional Japanese Martial Art. The students at GCI Karate will not only learn how to defend themselves but also learn how to become champions in life. Each GCI Karate class is designed to motivate students to become a better martial artist and a better person. GCI Karate teaches its students respect, discipline, focus, the importance of good grades and the “I can” attitude.

In addition to karate classes, CGI Karate also offers Cardio Kick-boxing classes and Tournament training classes. GCI Karate is a school that is proud to teach their students to respect themselves, to respect others, and to become Karate Champions.

Kids Karate (4 – 6 Years Old)

This class is designed to help our students develop balance, increase their focus and improve their motor skills. Through fun exercises and games our students will learn basic kicks, punches and stances. As they progress through their belts they will be introduced to more complex kicks, punches, stances and katas (forms). We will also emphasize the importance of teamwork and discipline.

Youth Karate (7 – 12 years old)

This class will introduce our young champions to basic kick, block, punches, kata and basic sparring. Our students will develop confidence, discipline, focus and respect for themselves and for their peers. The importance of physical fitness will be emphasized. As our champions progress they will be introduced to more complex katas and they will be allowed to spar with a partner.

Teen & Adult Karate (13 years old – Adult)

This class combines fitness and self defense with warm ups, stretching and conditioning. Our adults will learn the importance of mind and body working together. In this class we will work on basic techniques of karate, forms and sparring. It’s a great way to relieve stress while learning to defend yourself and learning the art of karate.

Cardio Kickboxing Classes

This high energy will keep you moving and sweating. Exercise for the entire body, kicking, punching, and stretching. Tone up your arms, legs, abs, and gluteus all in one class. Lose weight, get fit, tone up, be strong and have fun. This class is non- stop action.

 Competition Team

This class is designed for our students who are interested in competing and reaching their highest potential as a karate competitor. In this class, team members will further perfect their katas (forms), stances and fighting techniques. These techniques are required to be victorious at tournaments and championships. Members of the competition team are carefully selected and a required to conduct themselves respectable manner at all times.

Class Scedule

Kick Boxing & fitness
Tuesday, Thursday @ 7:00 pm & Saturday @ 9:00 am.

Karate & self defense
( 4 – 6 years old ) Monday, Wed., & Fri. @ 5:30 pm. (All Belts)
( 7 – 12 years old ) Mon., Wed., & Fri. @ 6:30 pm. (Beginners & Novice)
( 7 – 12 years old ) Mon., Wed., & Fri. @ 7:30 pm.( Intermediate & Advanced)
( 13 yrs. old – Adults ) Mon., Wed., & Fri. @ 8:30 pm.
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